Words of Wonders: Solver APK

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Обновлено 16 June 2024 г.


Версия 1 (#7)

Обновлено 16 June 2024 г.

Размер APK 4.1 MB

Требуемая версия Android Android 5.0+ (Lollipop)

Продавец Trans-soft

Категории Бесплатные Словесные игры Игры

Игры id com.transsoft.wows

Записка автора Provide solutions for Words of Wonders gamers

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Provide solutions for Words of Wonders games
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About Words of Wonders: Solver

Occasionally, when you are playing a word game like Words of Wonders you get stuck trying to find the right word. Either the correct word is too archaic, too obscure or sometimes the word is combined with a prefix or post-fix, or is a plural or is in past-tense. This app aims for solving Words of Wonders game but also work well for the other word games and it is aims to provide most of the possible solutions for you to play the game. There is no guarantee that it will solve everything, but in general it has often reached most the correct words.

Developed with fast search algorithm, you don't need to wait long for answers after click the search button. The interface is very simple with one text box for input, one search button for searching words based on the input, and one clear button to clear the text box for more searches based on other inputs.

The results are listed on top of screen. Grouped by the length of words, from smallest number on the top of the screen to the biggest number at the bottom. Ascended from left to right and also from top to bottom. So it will help the user to easily to choose the right word to put it into the game.

You will have to switch back and forth between apps, however this can be mitigated by having the Words of Wonders Solver on another phone and the game on your main phone.

Hopefully, you will find this app helpful in finding words for the game and useful in helping you enjoy playing the game.

Any suggestion or recommend please email to michael.tran0507@gmail.com. Your idea will be great help for improving this app a lot more better.

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