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Последняя версия 1.1 для Windows
Обновлено 16 January 2024 г.


Версия 1.1 (#1)

Обновлено 16 January 2024 г.

Размер APK 48.3 MB

Требуемая версия Android Android 5.1+ (Lollipop)


Категории Бесплатные Разное Приложения

Приложения id com.ondragonmelon.melonsandbox

Записка автора Rewrite history using melon-based warfare

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Mods for Melon Sandbox is a thrilling mobile application that takes inspiration from the beloved Melon Playground. Dive into a dynamic world where melons become the ammunition of choice, & chaos reigns supreme.
Unleash your creativity with Melon Playground mods & explore endless possibilities. Take command of a formidable melon playground tank, engage in intense melon playground war scenarios, or indulge in thrilling historical conflicts with the melon playground WW2 mod, where you can rewrite history using melon-based warfare.
With the Melon Playground mod pack, enhance your gameplay with a wide range of exciting features. Customize your experience with melon playground car & skins mods, transforming your vehicles & characters with vibrant and unique aesthetics. Arm yourself with powerful melon playground guns, decimating anything that stands in your way. Take to the skies in a helicopter or pilot a melon plane, dominating the battlefield from above or unlock the chainsaw-wielding madness of the Chainsaw Man.
With Mods for Melon join the epic battles between the Skibidi Toilets & the valiant Cameramen in a war that will determine the fate of Melon Playground.

Premium Features:

Special Mod & Skin Editor
Mods to enjoy your game
Collection of amazing Mod Packs
Explore a variety of Characters & Skins

Please note: Tanks, Cars, Guns & Robots is an unofficial application for Melon Playground. This application is not affiliated in any way with TwentySeven. The Melon Playground name, brand & assets are all property of TwentySeven or their respectful owner. All rights reserved. In accordance with https://www.termsfeed.com/live/b056cf69-ada1-4896-82c2-40fb91e8dce0

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