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גרסה נוכחית 1.0.1 for Windows
מְעוּדכָּן 14 September 2016


גִרְסָה 1.0.1 (#2)

מְעוּדכָּן 14 September 2016

גודל קובץ APK 12.9 MB

נדרש Android Android 4.0+ (Ice Cream Sandwich)

מפתח תוכנה Alibaba Mobile

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ID com.alibaba.intl.android.apps.expo

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"With Alibaba Expo, you can get pre-hand information about the exhibition, exhibitors and their products so that you can maximize your time and sourcing experience.
Find Exhibitors: Exhibitors included the company name of the exhibition, booth, so you can stay Exhibitor News
Find exhibits: Recommended a variety of goods, fast check product information by searching for and retrieving classified;
Communication: Built-in online communication tool, feel free to contact exhibitors;"

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Alibaba Expo 1.0.1 APK (#2, 12.9 MB)