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Updated 2024-07-13

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Version 3.272.1 (#2915)

Updated 2024-07-13

APK Size 300.9 MB

Requires Android Android 8.0+ (Oreo)

Offered by Etermax

Category Free Trivia Game

Game id com.etermax.preguntados.lite

Developer's notes Answer fun questions, compete and test your knowledge in trivia games.


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Latest updates

What's new in Trivia Crack 3.272.1

◉ User interface improvements
◉ Bug fixes

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Download the latest Trivia Crack application, version 3.272.1, compatible with Windows 10/11 (using emulators such as Bluestacks), Android devices. This free Trivia app is developed by Etermax and is easy to download and install.

Previous versions, including 3.272.1, 3.271.3, 3.253.2, 3.249.1, 3.245.0, 3.242.1, 3.241.0, 3.269.2, 3.256.0, 3.250.0, 3.248.0, are also available. If you need help or have any problems, please let us know.


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Ratings and Reviews

Rating: 4.4/5 based on 8M+ reviews

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1 ★ The new UI is so ugly and clinical, I got bait and switched with the old one for a few days and back to the new one. i miss it. Also, months ago you removed the challenge option when playing a regular game and it made playing so much more interesting and fun. Now without it I open the game once a day for 30 seconds to play a round with my handsome boyfriend and I close it for the next 24 hours without thinking about it. Stop ruining things in my silly little app, you daft bags

5 ★ I've been playing this game since High School. I always come back to it. Makes me feel smart with my high win percentage. Sometimes there are outdated questions specifically in the sports category but not often. While there was an uptick in ads since I first played, it's nowhere near as bad as EVERY other app/game. the only time there is an ad is when your turn ends, except in triviathon where it feels random and a few times I lost because the question started while an ad played.

2 ★ They've added video ads after you miss a question and end your turn. This means the fastest way to get through pending game turns is to force close the app and reload. This adds a level of tedium and annoyance that will likely lead to uninstallation in the near future. This also lead to the inadvertent discovery that if you force close without hitting the end turn button, but after getting the question wrong, you can extend the turn indefinitely, cheating your way to victory.

2 ★ I love playing this game with my friends but lately I just don't even want to open the app anymore because of the amount of ads that pop up EVERYWHERE like I understand some ads here and there but everytime I fail a question or just do anything there's always an ad. Also, when I press the x button for the ad always takes me to playstore or a website. It's becoming increasingly annoying.

1 ★ I am not a fan of the new UI. I used to play all the time a few years back, and I recently got back into the game a couple months ago. I even tried trivia crack 2 and hated the UI of that one, so I don't play it at all. Now that the updated TC looks a lot like TC2, I'm gonna be looking for a different game. Sucks, cuz I really enjoyed playing.

1 ★ WAY too many ads to the point it interferes with your game a LOT. On the triviathons, ads will pop up in the middle then kick you out of the round. Not worth the download anymore unfortunately. Keeps getting worse and worse each time I have deleted and redownloaded. The game makers seem to not cater to people that want to play for free. This will probably be the final time I attempt this in hopes that the ads hadn't taken over.

2 ★ When you first install the app, it gives you a free block from ads for the first few days, and the game is pretty fun. However, when the ad block goes away, the app attempts to load so many ads that the game slows to a near standstill. At times, you even risk missing questions because the timer began running, but you still haven't even seen the question yet because of the ads slowing the app down so much

1 ★ Absolutely hate the updated version! The animation at the beginning of each question in a classic game is such a waste of my time. The new format for games being played in classic is also hard to follow. Noticing that its less and less likely to get the better prizes in some of the games...thumbs down. I have played for many years but perhaps it's time to move on....🫤

1 ★ Game play flow is atrocious. I was an early adopter of TC back in the day and it was great. However, things have changed. The ads are 1000% out of control. It's simply unplayable. TC needs some tokenomics minded folks to get involved before they kill it off completely. Uninstalled. I'll check back in a year.

2 ★ So many ads that you spend more time watching them than doing actual trivia. I shouldn't have to pay just to enjoy this game, and the ads are so frustrating. They even pop up right in the middle of rounds. Most of the ads have tiny hitboxes to close, so you always navigate out of the app by accident.

1 ★ We love the game but get the bugs out of it,we would enjoy it better if it wasnt for that,and too many adds. And the ads are getting worse, longer, annoying, have to watch them every time. There is this 30 ad about getting free things to play games, well here is some words of advice, people will start getting really tired of trivia crack and switch to it. Trivia crack can be way better. It's been three yrs since my last review, nothings changed. I will never get this pos game again Pure Awful...

2 ★ Too many ads! Unless you buy the coins, you have to watch an ad after nearly every answer and the ads are so long! When it said my answer was wrong on what female animal is called a doe, I was told a deer is the wrong answer. Then I immediately had to watch another very long ad that I had just watched before the question. Just too many ads for me

2 ★ So. Many. Ads. I used to play this game a lot (1000+ games) but hadn't played in a couple of years. I revisited it over the holidays but did not enjoy it because... So. Many. Ads. At least one ad for the game, itself, between every question. At least 2-3 ads for other garbage to restart any game. And the ads are offensive. I came for the trivia, but got dozens of cartoon gangsters assaulting each other, cartoon characters seducing each other, etc. Not in Trivia Crack, but in its So. Many. Ads.

3 ★ This game is a lot of fun but my husband and I miss the lightening feature. We also noticed that some answers are wrong in the mine section,there is no way to notify the game. The Survival section can freeze,move too quickly to let you choose a picture (seconds)and the notification that it is your turn lingers over the pictures so that you cannot see them. Sometimes, your choice phase will just bypass you.

1 ★ Was great when it came out, just played again after years and they've monetized it to the maximum. The number of full screen ads you have to wait 15-45 seconds for are OUTRAGEOUS. You missed a question? Watch an ad for another chance. Oh, you don't want to? You get ads when your turn ends anyway! Why even give an option? Most free apps have a store for you to spend money OR ads... Trivia Crack is double dipping. These advantages are extra frustrating in a game that's meant to be competitive.

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