Fire Balls 3D APK

Latest Version 2.4 for Windows
Updated 2024-01-24

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Version 2.4 (#20010)

Updated 2024-01-24

APK Size 112.7 MB

Requires Android Android 7.0+ (Nougat)

Offered by VOODOO

Category Free Arcade Game

Game id com.NikSanTech.FireDots3D

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Download the latest Fire Balls 3D application, version 2.4, compatible with Windows 10/11 (using emulators such as Bluestacks), Android devices. This free Arcade app is developed by VOODOO and is easy to download and install.

Previous versions, including 2.4, 2.3, 2.2, 1.32.1, 1.32.0, 1.30.0, are also available. If you need help or have any problems, please let us know.


Fire Balls 3D is a single-tap hyper casual game that will keep you hooked for hours!

Hold to make your dot fire forward, and be careful from moving obstacles.

The game features unlimited levels and 20 beautiful color themes.

Game permissions

Fire Balls 3D 2.4 APK requires following permissions:

Allows applications to open network sockets.

Allows applications to access information about networks.

Allows applications to access information about Wi-Fi networks.

Allows access to the vibrator.

Allows using PowerManager WakeLocks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming.

Ratings and Reviews

Rating: 4.4/5 based on 387K+ reviews

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1 ★ I am going to - FOR NOW - leave this game installed on my phone. And I'm going to check it once a week. If all the crappy ads have been removed then I shall go back to playing it. BUT if, after 3 tries, an ad loads - I'm exiting the game and waiting until the next week to try again. And this process will repeat until the developer decides to remove all the cumbersome ads!!

5 ★ From day one, I love this game. I play it multiple times a day, everyday! The concept is very simple yet when your ball bounces back at you...you better believe you'll try again and get it the next time, lol! I downloaded the game 4 days ago and I'm on level 78. I even paid to remove the ads and I never do that! Great job guys😉 Do you have any other similar games that would grab my attention like this one has? I'm hooked!

1 ★ Moderately amusing at first. But, it never really gets more challenging. Unless the challenge you're looking for is a HUGE ad load. I don't much care for games where the ads comprise 50% or more of the actual "game time," but for this game I'd say the ad load approaches 70% or more. I found the best way to deal with the ads is to simply put my phone down and go do something else for a bit until the ad stops. Then back to maybe 15 seconds of actual game play for another 30+ seconds of ads. Screw that. Don't waste your time, and for god's sake don't waste your money actually buying this. You'll have more long-term fun scooting pennies around on your desk.

3 ★ I originally liked this game but it seems like the developers are aiming towards a younger demographic. Adding paint splotches that really have no connection to the game or current color schemes. Evidently they're just eye candy to keep a childs attention? The new characters look like they're aimed straight for a 2 year old. As a result I've lost interest.

3 ★ not sure of the purpose of the diamonds. when i get close to the obstacles it doesnt give me the extra points half the time, and when i dont even hit the obstaclea it says that i do! i also dont like how the balls go slow on my device when my child has a way older model phone than mine and her balls go faster than mine even with those flaws, i give it 3 stars because it is addictive to play.

3 ★ It's a good game overall, but there are some things that make it a lower score. Like each time you complete a level, you get these gems. I have collected almost 2000 gems. Because I can't spend them. They have an option for more canon skins or whatever it's supposed to be, but it says coming soon. It has been "coming soon" for over a month now. Give me a reason to play the game and collect gems, and I'll rate it higher.

4 ★ The Game is fun. i experienced one issue though. there is to many Advertisements Throughout the Game. If I Fail a level, it forces me to watch a Advertisement. If I pass a level, I get forced to watch a advertisement. it is every level I have to watch a Advertisement. Please, take out some of the Advertisement's. Maybe every 5 levels I pass throw in a Advertisement, but be sure it is only around 15 Seconds and I have the option to skip After 5 Seconds is gone by. Overall Great app very fun!

4 ★ It would be better if the balls stopped and started quicker when you touched and let off the screen. And I think it would be cool if you could change the skin of the balls and the ball launcher. But other then that, its a fantastic game. Its a good stress reliever and its a nice way to pass a couple minutes when your waiting in lobby or just want something mindless to do.

1 ★ The gameplay progression in nonsensical or random as you progress through the levels. Level 12 was as easy as 1, but 11 was more difficult then all. Even when winning and surviving to the next level I spent more time watching ads then playing the game. For that alone, the entertainment value was reduced to Zero. How is this #1... I'm looking at you Google store... Skewed much???

4 ★ This game is really, really fun! I'm not very good at like... arcade games, so this was very simple and funny and it was just perfect for me. I saw my friend's little sister playing this, and she couldn't get past level three. So I helped her with it and I LOVED IT! I got home and instantly downloaded this game! Thank you for making it, VOODOO!

2 ★ I never leave reviews but this lowkey made me angry so like the game is pretty entertaining in theory but there are so many ads. I normally don't care if a game has ads, I know developers need money too but this is ridiculous. There are so many it's hard and down right annoying to play. So don't bother and find some other game to play while procrastinating your homework.

2 ★ Bombarded with the same repeat ads over and over again, seen them so much they will never be downloaded. So completely sick of seeing them to ever install them on my devices. In fact I have stopped playing entirely at times to avoid the seeing the same old ads. Fix the ads or I will. And I'm sure you know the one way I can fix them.

1 ★ Ad after EVERY SINGLE GAME. That's some Bullshhh..... Definitely lost interest with all the damn Ads. Game SUX Too...

5 ★ I really loved this game. this is awesome. yesterday i downloaded the app and today i am in the level of 104. Since they make the level simple and enjoyable, i can't really stop playing this. Other games will make the levels harder once we reached certain level.By that time we will try for few days and then leaves from the game. But this is different.even though some levels are harder, it is not stopping the user at any point. ads are more.But we can buy the app to avoid. I'm not going to do😛

4 ★ it's kinda fun, challenging, and awesome. the only thing that's hard is some of the levels...SOME R REALLY HARD..usually I would beat them but this game is challenging as heck!! my other thing is the ads..I mean they're fine but too many!!! but that's the only thing that bothers me and that's that! this is a really fun game!!!!!

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Fire Balls 3D 2.4 APK for Windows (#20010, 112.7 MB)

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