Pow - Lovable virtual pet care game APK

Dernière version 3.2 pour Windows
Mise à jour 31 May 2017


Version 3.2 (#39)

Mise à jour 31 May 2017

Taille APK 48.5 MB

Nécessite Android Android 4.0+ (Ice Cream Sandwich)

Proposée par Clement Vitroly

Catégorie Jeu de Éducatif Gratuits

Jeu id com.NeufOctobre.BooBooTheTamagotchi

Notes d'auteur Meet an adorable virtual pet to adopt & care. This little animal is so cute !

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. Bugs fixed/Improved performance
. Clothes and food price reduced


These precious fluff pets are easy to adopt, foster, heed and care and to give fun ! You are lucky !
This lucky fuzz companion is so cute and pretty with fugu shape and his fuzz rabbit ears and his lovable fluff shape everybody want petting, caress and make him happy!
Ideal for boys and girls who love care a charming plush or stuffed toy and it's free !


➤ 8 funny mini games ideal to earn diamonds and play with your cute little fluff animals
➤ 99 levels to unlock pretty or fancy clothing or lovable decorative elements
➤ 450+ value customizations for your adorable wool virtual pet
➤ 550+ different charming decorations for the fancy home or fancy room of your cuddly companion
➤ A daily challenge to win diamonds or lovely stickers
➤ 30 cool collectible stickers for your friendly fluff pet

Give a name to jolly cheerful Pow your adorable and adopted virtual pet like your cuddly, plush or stuffed toy.
You must adopt, feed, heed, dress, petting, caress, be teachers, harbor, foster, clean, snuggle, affectionate, elegant, paw, embrace, wash and bath, tickle, fondle and play with him.
Make him happy and sick by changing the home or room according to your tastes. Pow need a nice harbor.
8 funny mini games and a daily challenge ideal to win diamonds, you can use them to take care of your so charming fuzz virtual pets!

➽ FEED. buy food at the market or catch free fruits in mini games to make plushy Pow happy !
➽ DRESS. dearest "my Pow" the plushy baby wants to have a great look and be attractive, or look clever !
➽ WASH. Sometimes it is dirty take a bath and wash like with your cuddly,plush or stuffed toy. Clean him !
➽ CURE. Learn to take care of your cute virtual pets. If he has red forehead, give a healing potion.
➽ PLAY. Tickling, petting and caress your lovely wool pet, and it will jump around!
➽ SPORT. Your pretty clever friend must stay in shape, foster and play hula-hoop, it's funny.
➽ SLEEP. After a good day, your adorable Pow needs to sleep, fondle and embrace him !
➽ DECORATE his pretty room or lovely garden, your cute wool virtual pets is happy


This mini game is FREE.
The little virtual domestic animal never die.
This mini game is ideal for boys and girls of all ages. Ideal to develop kids creativity, teach your kids to be caring and learn while having fun.

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STORY OF "my Pow"

What is that brilliant pet, what is this rare strange charming pet ?
Dearest baby "my Pow" is an rare plushy unknown clever species, but some scientists believe that it is an lovely fuzz animals,cuddly,plush or stuffed toy from outer space.
Its fluff ball like a small fugu is value, good and attractive.
This strange fuzz creature is very classy, fashionable and love to wear value fashion glasses or fancy value clothes that make him happy and cheerful
He is very cool and clever, after he met lucky puppies and lucky kittens at harbor, he took care of these small lovely animals as if was their teachers.
This little wool animal is loved by humans who have adopted them, they love to play, be petting, hatch, heed, embrace, beloved, snuggle, paw, clever, sweet, sexy, fondle and caress. Be a teachers for him.
Dearest baby "my Pow" is a strange creature fancy, you only should remember, he is : Kind, jolly, brilliant, cheerful, rare, attractive, good, popular, beloved, elegant, friendly, affectionate, precious, value, caring, smiling, charming, classy, clean, lovable, sick, cool, pretty and sociable.
You are lucky, now it is you to take care of this little wool sick animal, to be friendly and be his teachers like with your cuddly,plush or stuffed toy, attentive with it, petting, caress and snuggle, as if it was a small lovable kitten or puppy!
Give a elegant harbor to your companion.

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