slither.io APK - Windows 下载 - 版本1.6.1


  • 版: 1.6.1, 添加:2019年August28日
  • APK档案大小: 18.2 MB
  • APK文件的MD5: FDE1082A711180D5C8020028843C2857
  • 开发者: Lowtech Studios
  • Android 系统版本要求: Android 2.3+ (Gingerbread)


Now the game runs more smoothly than ever!


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How to install slither.io on Windows using Bluestacks

Step 1: Download and install Bluestacks

Download the latest version of Bluestacks at https://www.bluestacks.com, the download may take a few minutes.

Once downloaded, click on the file you just downloaded to begin the installation process. The installation interface is very simple, the installation will take place quickly.

Step 2: Download slither.io APK

Download slither.io APK from this page, save it in an easy-to-find place.

Step 3: Install slither.io using Bluestacks

You can use one of the following ways:

+ Double click the APK file, this is the simplest and fastest way.

+ Right-click on the APK file, select "Open With", then choose Bluestacks.

+ Drag and drop the APK file to the Bluestacks application screen

The installation will take place quickly. Immediately after the installation is finished, you will see the slither.io icon on the home screen of Bluestacks. Click on this icon to start using slither.io on your Windows computer.

If you have any problems, feel free to comment below and we will assist you.

如何使用 Bluestacks 在 Windows 上安装 slither.io

第 1 步:下载并安装 Bluestacks

https://www.bluestacks.com 下载最新版本的 Bluestacks,下载可能需要几分钟。


第 2 步:下载slither.io APK

从此页面下载slither.io APK,并将其保存在易于查找的位置。

第 3 步:使用 Bluestacks 安装 slither.io



+ 右键点击 APK 文件,选择“打开方式”,然后选择 Bluestacks。

+ 将 APK 文件拖放到 Bluestacks 应用程序屏幕

安装将很快进行。安装完成后,您将立即在 Bluestacks 的主屏幕上看到 slither.io 图标。单击此图标可开始在您的 Windows 计算机上使用 slither.io。



(*) 是必须的


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