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Latest Version21.4.4 for Windows

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Version21.4.4 (#59811)


APK Size33.8 MB

Requires AndroidAndroid 4.0+ (Ice Cream Sandwich)

Offered byGeomapping GmbH

CategoryFree Education App

App idde.degener.clicklearn.forms

Developer's notesSimple Learning the questions of the theory test at TÜV or DEKRA


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Latest updates

What's new in 360° online 2.0 21.4.4

- Fehlerbehebung bei der Klassenauswahl
- Korrektur der Anzeige der Anzahl von falsch beantworteten Fragen
- Korrektur der Anzeige der Fragenanzahl im Bereich Lernen nach Themen
- Neuer Fragenkatalog zum 01.04.2021
- Video Tutorials
- Anzeige des Bezugsfahrzeugs bei Prüfungssimulationen
- Behebung von Anzeigeproblemen im Fragenbildschirm
- Korrektur bei der Auswertung von Bogen
- Neue Bogen für Erweiterungsklassen

Editor's review

We provide 360° online 2.0 apk 21.4.4 file for Windows (10,8,7,XP), PC, Laptop, Bluestacks, Android emulator, as well as other devices such as Mac, BlackBerry, Kindle, Android, ... 360° online 2.0 is a free Education app, and has been developed by Geomapping GmbH.

360° online 2.0 21.4.4 is newest and latest version for 360° online 2.0 apk. It's easy to download and install. On this page you can find 360° online 2.0 apk detail and permissions and click download apk button to direct download 360° online 2.0 apk.

Older versions of 360° online 2.0 apk also available with us: 21.4.3, 21.4.2, 21.4.1, 21.3.1, 21.1.1.

Please be aware that we only share the original apk file, unmodified, safe to download and free of any virus. If there are any problems, please let us know.


Choose CLICK & LEARN 360 online now mobile tablet to your Android phone or.

Install this app, then log into your a login and learn when and where you want for the theory test. Simple, mobile, effective!

Prerequisite: You need access to the Learning Portal CLICK & LEARN 360 online. This you can get in your driving school.

Your benefits at a glance:
- Meet all questions of the theory test
- Supports all classes and class combinations
- Includes all official exam questions (TÜV | DEKRA arge tp 21)
- Contains numerous variations question - official partner of the TÜV | DEKRA arge tp 21
- Unlimited number of exam simulation
- Comments on each question
- Fully usable offline (synchronization by maximum 14 days.)
- Learning by theme
- Learning of image and number questions
- Question filter - wrong answers etc. can be displayed filtered
- Learning statistics - simple and clear labeling of test maturity
- Tutoring by driving school possible

You can learn with the app online and offline. Both in CLICK & LEARN 360 online on your PC as well as the 360 ​​° Online App you have the same learning level. You have to build with your mobile device connected to the Internet to match your learning level only every 14 days.

And so it works:
- Question in your driving school after CLICK & LEARN 360 online Lernmittelset
- Sign up below www.click-learn.de or directly via this app using your license code
- Log in with you a login via Login
- Learn now when and where you want - whether online or offline

We wish you while learning for the theory test success.

Your Degener Verlag

App permissions

360° online 2.0 21.4.4 APK requires following permissions:

Allows applications to open network sockets.

Allows an application to read from external storage.

Allows applications to access information about networks.

Allows an application to write to external storage.

Allows applications to access information about Wi-Fi networks.

Allows using PowerManager WakeLocks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming.

Required to be able to access the camera device.

Ratings and Reviews

Rating: 3.2/5 based on 5K+ reviews

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3 ★ The translations are not good.and since i dont know german and must learn through this app,witch is just confusing ...so i can only pray that i dont get the same translation on the tests,because they make no sense sometimes.

3 ★ Sometimes the UI switches back to German for no apparent reason (I like having my UIs in English). The usability is rather poor since there are things that are far from obvious. In addition the app decides to synch at random times, which is annoying since 1)you might be offline and 2)the synch process cannot be interrupted (?). The text is with a fixed size meaning that some things are difficult to read (which even more apparent in the web browser version). Book refs not available if offline.

4 ★ I find the app very useful. The only problem I have all the time is when going through the learning by topics when accidentally pressing back button of the phone the app logs off the learning mode and I have to start the module again. It would be very convenient when the app will be asking for confirmation in such cases before going out from learning module. Thank you.

1 ★ Don't waste your money on this App. It's totally disaster. When you in the middle of reading a topic close the App you should start from the binging again. And there is no practicing on your mistakes. 69 Euro is too much for this App. And the explanation of each situation or formula is in German. I have bought this App in English!!!!!

1 ★ Find this app extremely frustrating. It is nearly impossible to learn to prepare for the exam. First of all the questions are poorly translated from German to English and some do not make any sense at all so therefore there truly is not a correct answer or answers. Some of the vocabulary is only understood by those speakers of British English. Another problem is that the explanations for the answers are in German so unless you are completely fluent in German you cannot learn from the mistakes!

1 ★ Hi, I have so much confusion with this app, I pay for it but sometimes images and questions don't correspond to each other or absolutely no picture next to the question about specific situation like: "who parked wrong". Plus I am unable to update the program. It even crashed when I tried to pass some Bogen. I really need a good material to prepare for my theory exam but I can't using this App!!! =((( please fix the bugs as soon as possible 🙏

2 ★ The app has very bad interface, not self-explanatory, and it is difficult to learn with it. The app supposed to be in several languages. I tried to use it in Russian. Translation of the questions is okay-ish, although "Autobahn" is sometimes highway, sometimes chaussée, sometimes just autobahn. Same inconstancy with other terms. But that could be the fault of TÜV Translation of the app itself is just awful: "Zahlenfragen" is "pay question". Guys, Google translate would do better job!

1 ★ Very very bad app. All the time it downloads Gbs of data and then nothing. Shame they take so much money for such an useless app

1 ★ Sorry, but it is shame. U r 10 years back. I understand that content in this app is more important, but UX is also plays not the last role. Only landscape mode? Guys, have you seen last trending devices? I need 3 hands to hold it. It is hardly possible to use App. Just pray that you will think on redesign. I'm frustrated

1 ★ This is absolutelly garbage. I don't need to point out the recurring problems other users have listed, but this medieval UX and pre-historic settings make the learning process almost impossible. But what caught my attention was the numerous answers from the developers trying to defend this horrendous piece of bad-coded trash. Seriously, guys...there is no way to defend the shitshow you have deployed and charged the pornographic amount of 69 euros. I hope all devs involved rethink your careers...

5 ★ One has to be really careful when downloading the contents and while extracting them, the download and the unpacking should not be interrupted. Once I reinstalled the app and made sure the lock screen didn't appear whilst loading and extraction after logging in..the app functions fine..all videos and images are perfect. So be careful after registration during extraction+down...keep clicking on the empty screen so that light in your phone doesn't go off or the screen doesn't lock itself

1 ★ This app is totally frustrating. I have uninstalled and installed it twice and yet it doesn't get any better. Under the traffic symbols, the questions do not correspond with the pictures. It is misleading and deceiving. And the app crashes more often than not.

1 ★ This app is literally the worst driving app you can purchase. I normally don't leave reviews, but please please please be warned, there are much much better learning apps than this one! Learn from my wasted payment and save yourself the trouble. I would give this app -5 stars if I could! The interface is dogs**t, the videos don't load completely and the explanations are in German! Total waste of time and money.

1 ★ People who know German this could be good but an English as your preference language honestly please don't buy this app. WORST translation of questions and answers and you will literally get mad just to understand the questions. And when i write an email asking app developers to make the translation better, they simply reply "Unfortunately the explanation materials are only in German" BUT ATLEAST you guys can try to translate the questions in sound english, little bit more effort,hire someone...

4 ★ I am learning with this app for driving license class B and can say that from this app everybody can learn a lot and prepare himself for exam. I am giving 4 from 5 because I wasn't able to start some video questions ( button START FILM doesn't work). I will paste here numbers of questions with hope that you will fix soon. Questions: 3301, 32471, 3374, 18381, 18601, 18711, 3297, 1602, 1603, 3198, 3341, 1827, 3372

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