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Updated 2024-01-22

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Version (#4462)

Updated 2024-01-22

APK Size 212.2 MB

Requires Android Android 9+ (Pie)

Offered by HP Inc.

Category Free Productivity App

App id com.hp.printercontrol

Developer's notes Set up, scan, print, share, and manage your HP printer


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Minor enhancements and bug fixes.

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Download the latest HP Smart application, version, compatible with Windows 10/11 (using emulators such as Bluestacks), Android devices. This free Productivity app is developed by HP Inc. and is easy to download and install.

Previous versions, including,,,,,, are also available. If you need help or have any problems, please let us know.


Print, scan, and share files by using HP Smart with your HP Printer. HP Smart makes it easy to get started and keeps you going with features like Print Anywhere or Mobile Fax!

· Start with a hassle-free set up, then print, scan, copy, and share files directly from your mobile device to your friends, co-workers, or a linked cloud account
· Manage or print to your printer using any network connection
· Order supplies, get support, and manage your HP account straight from the app
· Create high-quality scans with your mobile device’s camera or import existing files, then preview, edit, and save them as PDFs and JPEGs or send them in your favorite cloud storage account
· Edit and enhance your photos by adding filters and text, cropping, and adjusting the saturation, contrast, or brightness
· It’s easy to send secure faxes from the app with Mobile Fax
· Be more productive with Smart Tasks—customizable one-touch shortcuts
· Access hundreds of printable crafts, cards, and learning activities for free with Printables! Get involved and get your family creating together!

Some HP Smart features require a network connection and an HP account for full functionality. Certain features/software are available in English language only. For a full list of supported printers, visit: https://support.hp.com/document/ish_2843711-2427128-16?openCLC=true?

App permissions

HP Smart APK requires following permissions:

Required to be able to access the camera device.

Allows applications to open network sockets.

Allows applications to enter Wi-Fi Multicast mode.

Allows applications to access information about Wi-Fi networks.

Allows applications to access information about networks.

Allows applications to change Wi-Fi connectivity state.

Allows applications to change network connectivity state.

Allows an app to access approximate location.

Required to be able to access the camera device.

Allows an app to access precise location.

Allows using PowerManager WakeLocks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming.

Allows an app to access approximate location.

Allows an app to access precise location.

Allows an application to receive the ACTION_BOOT_COMPLETED that is broadcast after the system finishes booting.

Allows read only access to phone state, including the phone number of the device, current cellular network information, the status of any ongoing calls, and a list of any PhoneAccounts registered on the device.

Allows an app to use fingerprint hardware.

Ratings and Reviews

Rating: 4.1/5 based on 680K+ reviews

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1 ★ I've used this app for over 2 years, it has countless bugs, the app always seems to not find my printer, even though I've connected it. I go to scan a document today and the app is stuck on a loading screen, it won't even load. After clearing cache then reinstalling the app on my phone, it still won't load! How can we use the freaking printer if the app doesn't work?!!

1 ★ Size adjustment was removed. I use to be able to see how big or small a image would be before printing. Now I have to waste paper in hopes I'm adjusting it correctly...very disappointing. Update: I also can't access all my photo albums. I really don't want to scroll back years worth of pictures to print ONE that is needed. This update absolutely SUCKS.

3 ★ I ha e had a hard time getting it to stay connected to print, now that my "free trial" on insta ink has ran out my printer won't print at all. I can't reinstall it, I can't connect to the network, I can't do anything! It's very frustrating and all the virtual assistant said is turn it off and back on. Well iv been doing that for a week and still getting nowhere!

1 ★ The instructions on how to reset the WiFi are incredibly unclear. There's no text to clarify, it's just an image showing an arrow towards several buttons. What am I supposed to do? Tap each button in succession? If so, what order? Do I press and hold them in a certain order, press and hold all of them? If I have to press and hold, for how long? What indicator of 'success' am I looking for? Very very poor experience. If I ever buy another printer, it won't be hp if this is the set up process

1 ★ Why is an app required at all when you already have my money for buying the printer/scanner?? The app sucks. I just want to print/scan directly without the app. I had the printer printing and when I wanted to scan it required the app. Then it says it cannot find my printer. It's not listed. THIS IS A BRAND NEW HP 2700E PRINTER!! I don't receive any 2-way verifications so I cannot complete the setup, printer shows it's connected to WIFI, the app says I'm not. Can't scan after 2 hours!!!

1 ★ 1 star is being generous! Since the update, when I print an email my left margin is affected. The print is large, everything is shifted to the left & every first letter on the left side is cut off. I called HP and they attempted to troubleshoot but were of no help. Said that it was my phone carrier or an email app issue. Really?? When I print the same email from my laptop it works fine but who has time to print from a laptop when the mobile app is supposed to be efficient?

1 ★ As usually happens with HP updates, the app for this printer has been rendered largely useless. If I can get it to recognize a previously connected printer (a 50/50 proposal at best), the odds of it doing something as simple as scanning an image drop precipitously. I primarily use my mobile device for everything, but for this basic task had to bust out the laptop, which has its own quirks in connecting because it, too, is an HP pos.

1 ★ This app really pisses me off. It sends photos to privet print wether I select it or not and on top of that I can't get rid of them because all they do is "processing" not only that I uninstalled and reinstalled it and now I can only select from 3 albums out of like 20 because they are the only ones that show up. I'm about done with HP it causes nothing but problems

1 ★ It is so buggy as to be almost unusable with an extremely unintuitive layout. It's missing basic features like a print queue and everything you click on tries to sell you instant ink. It's a terrible app they force you to use to harvest your data and give you nothing in return. Save yourself the hassle and buy a different brand printer.

1 ★ This app is useless and meaningless. If you want to make it simpler to connect to the device, Bluetooth should have been the option you should have gone with. A printer with a scanner that doesn't scan because you need to meet a bunch of requirements is beyond useless to me or anyone I know. I'll be be searching for a better printer and discarding your unreliable printer.

1 ★ Horrible and incorrect instructions. First time setup was fine, but after router died and I needed a new one :[ Instead of the app telling me what to do it told me to print a test page by holding the i button. That page told me to get wifi instructions I needed to do something else that didn't work. I wasted way too much time finally I downloaded the manual. The correct instructions were not a paragraph. Your departments need to communicate with each other. No way I'd recommend this to others.

5 ★ Great app! My only complaint would be dealing with the instant ink cartridges. if your printer goes for a certain amount of time without being connected to the internet and you have instant ink cartridges installed, it will shut the instant ink cartridges down and you will not be able to print with them until you link back up your printer for the internet. That's a bunch of nonsense.

1 ★ Hp smart app. Which one? And why have a display when you can multiple the steps to troubleshoot a printer. That is of course if the vast number of hp smart app is itself is not experiencing anything but perfection. Along with the app, your device must function perfectly, and wii fii perfectly all together. Only then you may attempt to fix or adjust hp printer. It's retarded to trouble shoot. To put it nicely.

1 ★ Not good. Incomplete instructions. Not easy to print/scan. App logs off account. Only prints some PDFs & photos; other file types & MS Office docs 'grayed out'. No dedicated highly functional 'print/scan/fax' software. Interface cluttered w/ ads & promotions. No Ethernet port. Unsecure connection. Setup requires credit card; should not be needed until free ink trial is over. Changes phone settings; reset them & app changes them back. HP raised instant ink prices after signing up. Never again.

1 ★ Pain in #*%#. Nothing works right. What should be a simple scan and/or print taking a few moments turns into long drawn out efforts, from HP's "Smart" system not recognizing the printer is on and connected, to paper not feeding and mis-feeding (which counts as a copy each time that happens) to scanning and saving to only the ether fairies know where.

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