Google Find My Device APK

Latest Version 3.1.098-1 for Windows
Updated 2024-07-05

App information

Version 3.1.098-1 (#20005861)

Updated 2024-07-05

APK Size 17.4 MB

Requires Android Android 5.0+ (Lollipop)

Offered by Google LLC

Category Free Tools App

App id com.google.android.apps.adm

Developer's notes Find, ring, lock, and erase any lost Android device


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Latest updates

What's new in Google Find My Device 3.1.098-1

• Refreshed app design
• Find My Device can now help you locate devices, even if they’re offline by encrypting and storing your device’s most recent location with Google

Editor's review

Download the latest Google Find My Device application, version 3.1.098-1, compatible with Windows 10/11 (using emulators such as Bluestacks), Android devices. This free Tools app is developed by Google LLC and is easy to download and install.

Previous versions, including 3.1.098-1, 3.1.078-1, 3.1.000-5, 3.1.000-4, 3.1.000-1, 3.0.137-3, 3.0.137, 3.0.046-6, are also available. If you need help or have any problems, please let us know.


Find, lock, erase or play a sound on any lost Android device

Locate your lost Android device and lock it until you get it back

See your phone, tablet, or other Android devices and accessories on a map. If the current location isn’t available, you’ll see the last online location.

Use indoor maps to help you find your devices in airports, malls, or other large buildings

Navigate to your devices with Google Maps by tapping the device location and then the Maps icon

Play a sound at full volume, even if a device is set to silent

Erase a lost Android device, or lock it and add a custom message and contact info on the lock screen

See the network and battery status

See hardware details

• Location: To show your device’s current location on a map
• Contacts: To access the email addresses associated with your Google Account
• Identity: To access and manage email addresses associated with your Google Account
• Camera: To take pictures and videos

App permissions

Google Find My Device 3.1.098-1 APK requires following permissions:

Allows applications to open network sockets.

Allows applications to access information about networks.

Allows an application to find out the space used by any package.

Allows applications to connect to paired bluetooth devices.

Allows applications to discover and pair bluetooth devices.

Allows an application to receive the ACTION_BOOT_COMPLETED that is broadcast after the system finishes booting.

Allows using PowerManager WakeLocks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming.

Ratings and Reviews

Rating: 4.3/5 based on 1M+ reviews

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3 ★ It can't even play sound when I lost my phone

5 ★ This app is so awesome, if you're device goes missing, you can ring it and find. If it gets stolen, you can literally track it as soon as it comes online. And if you don't manage to find it somehow, yoou have an option to erase everything so as soon as it comes online it goes on a factory reset.

1 ★ This is not effective, find my device can only work when you open the app, which is not useful if your phone get missing, it should have the option of accessing location at all times even if the device is on or off, so that when you are not with your phone you can locate your phone using another device so long you login. You people should improve this app, because currently it's useless

5 ★ I think I would have lost my 40grand to waste if it's not without this app. I found my lost phone today and the precise location of my lost phone it gave is I can't even express myself. Very user friendly very helpful. I just want to recommend to add a feature to connect directly to maps, if that's so it would be much more help to people for unknown streets. Thank you google.

5 ★ Never had to use it until last week when I set my phone down in a Meijer grocery store and got all the way home before realizing it. With 5 minutes until they closed I looked everywhere for it in the store. Came up empty and went home and realized I had this Find My Device on my phone and I was able to see it was still in the store somewhere but had 4% battery left. I hit the "Play Sound" button and luckily an employee found it and I got it back the next morning!! Awesome app!!

3 ★ It's fine to add unlock features as well as removing lock screen. This is very useful if you break your screen and want to recover the data without fixing your phone. You should also add backup bottom too. Android phones should not be usable like apple when they are lost. Android phones are easy to reset and start over which isn't the case in iPhone. Google can force manufacturers to implement a way so that stolen devices becomes useless.

4 ★ Haven't lost my phone yet but it looks great! This question crossèd my mind but i truly assumed there would be instructions. Given that there weren't any. What WILL I do if I lose my phone? Thus 3 stars not 5. If anyone wants to reach out to me to explain this, then God bless you. Ask me again in a year. I lost 4 phones in that time throughout 2020.

5 ★ Always a life saver. Even if nobody wants to hear mama's obnoxious call. Lol..this app will locate even on silence and so long as it has some battery life. In case of lost till found I suggest locking the phone down from this access point. No good to no one. Just to charge and get back.

5 ★ Google it's very important app that we need ! I love this app . I always use this application whenever my family members are traveling and their phone aren't reachable and it shows me my all family member's locations . Yeah , sometime it fails but working perfectly . Thanks Google for this type of application that we use without any worry of our data otherwise apps from other sources are never be trusted . You're great ! Love from India.

1 ★ It says no internet connection when I try to open it on current phone and tablet. I had to sign in as guest. I cherged up an old phone and it works correctly on it, I guess. I don't know why it won't work on my current devices. They are both connected to our WiFi network, web browsing etc. working just fine.

3 ★ Of limited usefulness. No location history. If you don't know the device's currently location, don't you think it would be helpful to at least know it's last known location? I could've sworn either the webpage or this app used to show the history, but I guess they had to remove it because it was too useful. And it only seems to find the device under certain ideal conditions. It only found 2 out of 3 devices for some reason.

3 ★ This app used to be fantastic and wicked accurate but something has changed. Once, I laid my phone down in Walmart and left it. I used this app to track it the next day and it actually ahowed me the location within the store! I was able to call and have an employee go find it for me by telling him what aisle it was in. Now, I'm lucky if I can locate it at all. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

1 ★ So you can only locate your device if the app is running on lost device now. Why? I have tried to change the permission. But there is no "location allowed all the time" option. So if you lose your device you'd better hope find my device is running. Please tell me if I jave it wrong.

1 ★ This app is totally useless. I've used it twice now & didn't find my phone either time. If the phone is not connected to wifi it gives only its last connected location. No matter if you lose your phone or a sticky fingered thief gets it, they can be rebooted as if no one was using it. I think there should be an app that you could just simply fry the lost phone. Well maybe in the future!

5 ★ Used this app when we lost a phone in Las Vegas and I watched it move around in an area. Not pin point, but it was really useful to know that someone had the phone. I think if it had been left somewhere and was still there we could have found it. The phone was found and returned by the Flamingo Casino where it was lost.

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