TextNow: Call + Text Unlimited APK

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Updated 2024-07-13

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Version (#14873)

Updated 2024-07-13

APK Size 202.5 MB

Requires Android Android 8.0+ (Oreo)

Offered by TextNow, Inc.

Category Free Social App

App id com.enflick.android.TextNow

Developer's notes Get unlimited calls and texts with a local phone number


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- No new features this week but keep checking this space for future announcements.
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- Fixed video playback issues, addressed reported app crashes, and made additional performance and stability improvements.

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Download the latest TextNow: Call + Text Unlimited application, version, compatible with Windows 10/11 (using emulators such as Bluestacks), Android devices. This free Social app is developed by TextNow, Inc. and is easy to download and install.

Previous versions, including,,,,,, are also available. If you need help or have any problems, please let us know.


Call and text for free with TextNow, the free phone service with over 100 million users, now including Free Essential Data.

Staying connected shouldn’t stress you out. With the TextNow app, you can get nationwide talk, text and data coverage from the nation’s largest 4G LTE & 5G network, without having to worry about bills.

Get a new phone number free with the US area code of your choice (or use the phone number you already have) and start calling and texting freely to anywhere in the US and Canada.


Stay connected with the TextNow free Wi-Fi calling and texting app, or order a TextNow SIM card to freely call, text, and use some apps without having to connect to Wi-Fi.


TextNow is the ONLY phone service provider that gives you data completely FREE. With the always-free plan, you can access apps that are essential to keep you connected while on-the-go, including email, maps, and rideshare apps. Check and send emails, get directions, and order an Uber or Lyft from anywhere without paying for a data plan. Simply order a SIM card to get started.


We believe you should only pay for the data you use. That’s why we’re the ONLY provider with super flexible hourly, daily, and monthly plans. Start and stop one of our low-cost options with just a few taps in the app, starting as low as $0.99. No contracts, no commitments, just easily accessible data that you only have to pay for when you want it.


Use the TextNow calling and text messaging app as a free second phone line. It’s another extra phone line (business phone or 2nd line) on your device with free calls and free text messages.


Are your friends and family overseas? TextNow offers low-cost international calls to Mexico, Canada and 230+ countries with rates starting at less than $0.01 per minute.


• Free calling, free texting, and free essential data – always.

• Call and text for free immediately when you download the TextNow app

• Get nationwide coverage with a TextNow SIM card, and talk and text without Wi-Fi

• Get a local phone number or use your existing number. Area codes from most metro areas in the US available.

• Voice call, direct message, SMS message, picture and video messenger to the US or Canada for free.

• Unlimited data plans with hourly, daily, and monthly options give you flexible internet coverage. Only pay when you want it.

• Use across multiple devices including your computer or tablet, and effortlessly access calls and texts whenever you need them.

• International calls with low-cost options to over 230 countries.

• Voicemail to text audio transcription and conference calling.


There are no yearly or monthly fees to use TextNow. We partner with brands to pay for your phone service (so you don’t have to) with in-app ads. Ads won’t interrupt your experience. If you don't like ads, you can purchase a subscription to remove them.


• Passcode for safe and private texting and calling

• Caller ID

• Signatures: add a personalized signature to each text

• Customizable free text tones, call tones, ringtones, vibrations and phone backgrounds

• Quick Reply to speedily respond to friends

• A home screen widget for instant use

• Text from your computer and seamlessly synchronize with your mobile device via textnow.com

So, what are you waiting for? Download the app and take control of your phone service, starting today.

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Privacy policy: https://www.textnow.com/privacy

Terms of use: https://www.textnow.com/terms

App permissions

TextNow: Call + Text Unlimited APK requires following permissions:

Allows an application to collect battery statistics

Allows an app to create windows using the type TYPE_APPLICATION_OVERLAY, shown on top of all other apps.

This constant was deprecated in API level 21. No longer enforced.

Allows an application to receive the ACTION_BOOT_COMPLETED that is broadcast after the system finishes booting.

Allows applications to open network sockets.

Allows applications to access information about networks.

Allows an app to access approximate location.

Allows an app to access precise location.

Allows using PowerManager WakeLocks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming.

Allows access to the vibrator.

Allows an application to read or write the system settings.

Allows an application to read the user's contacts data.

Allows an application to write the user's contacts data.

Allows applications to access information about Wi-Fi networks.

Allows read access to the device's phone number(s].

Allows an application to read from external storage.

Allows applications to connect to paired bluetooth devices.

Allows an application to broadcast sticky intents.

Allows an application to record audio.

Allows an application to modify global audio settings.

Allows an application to initiate a phone call without going through the Dialer user interface for the user to confirm the call.

Required to be able to access the camera device.

Allows a calling application which manages it own calls through the self-managed ConnectionService APIs.

Allows an application to read the user's call log.

Allows an application to write (but not read] the user's call log data.

Allows an application to call any phone number, including emergency numbers, without going through the Dialer user interface for the user to confirm the call being placed.

Allows modification of the telephony state - power on, mmi, etc.

Allows applications to disable the keyguard if it is not secure.

Allows access to the list of accounts in the Accounts Service.

Allows an application to see the number being dialed during an outgoing call with the option to redirect the call to a different number or abort the call altogether.

Allows applications to change network connectivity state.

Allows applications to change Wi-Fi connectivity state.

Allows applications to read the sync settings.

Allows applications to write the sync settings.

Marker permission for applications that wish to access notification policy.

Allows applications to discover and pair bluetooth devices.

Ratings and Reviews

Rating: 4.5/5 based on 1M+ reviews

(*) is required

5 ★ I've used this app for several years now and not ONCE have I ever had the slightest problem. It's so dependable that I finally recently bought the sim kit with unlimited talk and text data plan . This is also a free service and you keep your number indefinitely. Love this app! The very best!

3 ★ I've really loved how easy this is for me to have a phone on a low budget. I've had it for years but recently both mine and my son's calls drop almost instantly after hitting call. Text work fine but no calls in or out. I've made sure it's up to date and even deleted/reinstalled the app with no success. I'm at a loss. Before if have given it a solid 4.5/5. Now, a 3/5 because the texts are still really handy but I really need the calls.

3 ★ it was a good app until recently where now in order to get verification codes and normal functions like a normal number you need to pay to "lock your number in" the whole reason why I got this app was because it worked like a number for free but now I have to pay when I didnt need to before. let's not forget the number of ads you get, you leave a conversation? ad pop up, you click your keyboard to type? ad pop up. why need to make us pay with all the ads we get?

4 ★ I like it for the most part but sometimes I don't get my messages or calls unless I go INTO the app. For example, I'll go into the app to check my messages and I'll hear a DING like the message just arrived but it had been sent several hours ago. I even missed a call because it never rang. I use this for work and give my number of prospective clients and I had no idea I missed a call from someone. Unfortunately, they didn't leave a message so I missed out on an unknown opportunity.

1 ★ Horrible!! It worked the very first day and that was it. No one can hear me and I can't hear anyone in the calls. I used to love this app but hadn't used it in years , but decided to give it a try since it was so awesome when I did use it, but nope. It's horrible. Can't even call anyone on it. I've updated and made sure I went into my setting and approved everything just to make sure. Uninstalled it and reinstalled it absolutely nothing. Not worth the download everyone!!

4 ★ TextNow is my main texting app (I've had it about three years), it was recommneded to me, and seems amazing being free. It has an excellent GUI and flexible options, a good contact search, and it is easy to start conversations. Notifications could be improved, it crashes on rare occasions during heavy usage, a more than tolerable amount of Ads (cycling ads can shift the screen), and a few inappropriate ads. Had to remove and reinstall to get recent updates.

2 ★ Was working fine for the past year and a half. But just recently, I can not make calls, and when someone calls me, I can't hear anything they say and they can't hear me. Then the call gets dropped. Its not an issue with my wifi. It is your app. Not happy since this is the only.way im able to talk to my mom and make calls for work right now.

5 ★ A Great service & invaluable help, in a world where everything costs SO much, and feeling the pinch of monthly bills gets maddening. The app's Text service is A+.The Call Service tho, is mostly VERY unreliable. Along with Poor and/or Choppy audio, you'll anxiously hope n pray that it won't "F" up and drop the call. Not a HUGE issue, but frustrating/annoying. Its Texting service, tho, will never fail you. In ending, my gripes are minor, and honestly, u couldn't ask for a better *FREE* service!👍

5 ★ I really like this app. the only flaw is that occasionally when I have a great wifi Signal, my call will be choppy. but the texting is great. if the cell towers are down and you have no signal, you can still use home wifi to text. I only use this app for calls when I dont want someone to know my real number. (for companies that might sell phone numbers etc.) so it comes in real handy for that.

1 ★ Up until about 2 weeks ago, i would have given text now a solid 4 stars with the only thing holding it back from 5 would have been the ads. But now it has gone from Great with me recomending it to all my friends to HORRIBLE! It has gone to probaly THE WORST phone service i have EVER had!! And its getting worse. Problems answering calls!! It Drops calls. Difficulty DISCONNECTING calls. And the sound quality SUCKS. So what am I telling them now? Dont waste ur time, its just not worth it.

3 ★ About 35-40% of the calls get cut off and you have to redial again. This inspite being just 5 feet away from the modem/router. It gets frustrating when you get connected after a 20 minute wait in line only to lose the connection and you have to waste time redialling that number.

3 ★ App works fine for me, only problem I have is when I bought sim kit. The sim card will not activate, tried many times, rather than return it, I tried to buy another one, now my imsi comes up invalid, yet it worked fine when I purchased the frist sim kit. The real problem starts when you don't fit into their simple steps. There is no human to talk to, I have tried for days to solve my problem, ie: chats, blogs, threads, emails their. Coms and to beat all even Google can't find an answer

1 ★ I have been logged out and can not get back into my account. When I try reset password I get an email with what's supposed to be a reset link but it also comes with a message saying email from text now is not from them (text now) I have had the same text now account for over a year and never had any trouble until now. An answer to this issue would be great. I'd rather not make another account.

1 ★ As of the latest update now when people calls it tells them the number is no longer in service. I still get some calls and voice messages but several people have told me they get the number is out of service. I called from another line and I got the message 2 out of 3 times the third time the call connected. Unreliable given I've never had this problem for the year plus I've had the number. Disappointing to say the least.

1 ★ It just got even worse.The ads are actually interferring with the call functions.It literally causes the calls to lag and even causes it to disconnect!!! That was the absolute implementation of ads Ive EVER SEEN!!! If I could rate below one star I would.Also,dont ask me to email you on how it could be improved because I shouldnt have to tell you how to do your job!!! That is the most generic cop out you can use these days.Fix your app!!!

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