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Developer's notesThe rules are complicated and I'm afraid of protesting ... If you are such a sailing athlete, learn the rules with this app and overcome your protest phobia!


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We provide プロテストマスター apk 1.0 file for Windows (10,8,7,XP), PC, Laptop, Bluestacks, Android emulator, as well as other devices such as Mac, BlackBerry, Kindle, Android, ... プロテストマスター is a free Sports app, and has been developed by otaken.

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This application is an application for sailing athletes.
The purpose is to check the complicated rules of sailing competitions and the rules that are difficult to check in the rule book.

+++ Function list ++++++++++++
1. 1. Rule list
You can check the rules in the rule book in a list. You can check each chapter / section / rule, and you can use it if you know how many rules.
You can easily check the definitions that appear in the rules and related definitions from the links.

2. 2. Rule search function
You can search for rules that contain the specified keyword. For example, if you want to know about the "pumping" rules, you can see all the rules that contain the word pumping.

3. 3. Learning the rules
You can learn the rules necessary for sailing competition such as route rights and mark room. Even beginners can study with peace of mind because they can study by "difficulty level" based on the difficulty and importance of understanding.
[Difficulty of learning]
Beginner: Minimum knowledge required for sailing competition
Intermediate (in preparation): Knowledge that may be required depending on the race
Advanced (in preparation): Knowledge for athletes and leaders who want a deeper understanding of the rules
Super advanced (in preparation): Knowledge for those who qualify as judges and those who poke the corners of heavy boxes

4. Exercise books
This is a collection of questions to check the understanding of the rules. We plan to prepare issues from all perspectives, such as confirmation of route rights when two boats meet and case studies.
When used in combination with the learning function, you can understand the sailing competition rules more reliably.

+++ Other features you want to implement +++++
・ Protest template
If you prepare a template for each case and enter the boat number etc., a function that will make a protest to some extent.

・ Judgment document template
Like a protest template, if you select a case and enter the boat number etc., a judgment document will be created, a function for judges.

・ QA function regarding rules
A function similar to a bulletin board that allows you to ask ambiguities about the interpretation of rules. It may be added at any time according to the developer's interpretation, such as the interpretation of Rule 42, which is of concern to athletes.

If you have any other requests for additional functions, please let us know by email.
(Additional requests listed in the review are likely to be ignored.)

+++ Disclaimer +++++++++
Please use it after understanding that it cannot be the basis of the hearing and that it is as follows.
・ Since this app is intended to promote understanding of the rules, the description is milder than the rule book. This can lead to discrepancies in interpretation that the developer did not intend.
・ This app is created based on the developer's interpretation of the rules and the knowledge gained from his own interpretation and past judge experience. The interpretation may be incorrect due to omission of consideration of the rules.
· Developers know very little about class rules other than 470 class / snipe class.

I think that you cannot bring a communication terminal to the hearing (even if you bring it in, you cannot use functions other than the rule book), so we recommend purchasing the rule book.

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